A delightful hark back to the age of the rom-com
RELEASED October 2nd



It's cliche and gooey in the middle, but in this day and age, The Intern may make you sit back and feel just a bit more fluffy around the edges.


The plot is simple: take the Devil Wears Prada and flip it sideways; Anne Hathaway (Jules) graduates to being the boss of a booming web-retail fashion start-up, complete with a complicated life of various ticking time bombs waiting to go off. Her polar opposite is none other than Goodfella Robert De Niro (Ben), a 'senior intern' graced with zen that even buddha would applaud.


There are times when you'll have to brush aside the cringing one-liners and contrived scenarios, but on the whole, the stars carry the film for Nancy Meyers, who has seen an era of romantic comedies with strong leading ladies come and go, from Private Benjamin (1980) to It's Complicated (2009). In 2015, things are slightly more cynical and superficial, which is challenging for the genre that entertained the world between the nineties and noughties. The Intern does stick out like a sore thumb as things promise to end happily ever after with no capes, twists or hints of a sequel.


Hathaway's performance is commendable, but it's De Niro that steals the show. Portrayed as a working mum who seemingly has it all, we steadily learn this woman on top comes complete with a mother who couldn't care less about her daughter's achievements, colleagues that dub her 'cold', and a (grossly unbelievable) house husband that longs for more "me time".


In short, De Niro parachutes in and teaches everyone 'to be all they can be' and ends up becoming a mentor, friend and confidant to the reeling Hathaway, who slowly warms up on screen as she encounters the ups and downs of a woman who has it all.


Whilst The Intern may not contend with the cults we've all come love with mushy nostalgia, Meyers' latest release is a delightful hark back to the age of the rom-com.



Words by Darren Steer.




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“It's De Niro that steals the show.”

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