A fatal attraction role reversal
RELEASED February 27th



J.Lo returns to the big screen in a fatal attraction role reversal. And whilst we had hoped for so much, this psychological thriller, come B-movie, doesn't do J.Lo any favours.


Classics teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez), struggling to piece her life back together is caught off guard by a very manly boy next door. Noah (Ryan Guzman) complete with knowledge of the Iliad, rippling muscles, and the sweetest disposition of any deranged psychopath, manages to seduce our heartbroken mom and manipulate her family, as events spiral predictably out of control.


Between the awful one-liners and violent finale, J.Lo surprisingly bears all in the steamy sex scene that drives the entire movie.


Unfortunately, this isn't a comeback for J.Lo... more of a come down. Easily forgotton, there simply isn't enough coherent dialogue here to make anyone think twice about what happens on screen.



Words by Darren Steer.




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“This B-movie doesn't do J.Lo any favours.”

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