A clever, unexpected sci-fi puzzle
RELEASED February 20th



Predestination is not your typical sci-fi film; it's far more intelligent than that. Based on the Robert A. Heinlein short story, All You Zombies (although don't expect to see any zombies), Ethan Hawke stars as a temporal agent on his final assignment to capture the criminal who has eluded him throughout his career - the 'Fizzle bomber'.


The criminal was behind a devastating bombing attack in New York in the 1970s, which killed 11,000 people, and it was the one crime that he has been unable to solve, even with the luxury of time travel. Undercover as a bartender, 'the barkeeper' (Hawke) befriends a customer, who he enlists to the agency to help him to unveil the killer, but he can only do so by facing his past.

It sounds pretty straightforward, but as the plot develops, you discover there's more to this story than at first glance.


Directed by the Spierig brothers, who wrote the screenplay some time before they agreed to direct, the storyline is kept close to the original short story. It is a surprise to hear that this tale is over fifty years old, having been written in 1959, as the idea is both fresh and interesting.


Hawke took this role due to his passion for sci-fi - it appears he's had a year of picking great roles after appearing in the BAFTA-winning Boyhood: two great choices for an actor whose career has been wavering below the radar for quite some time.


You will spend your time furtively trying to piece the puzzle together, and will kick yourself if you get to the end of the film without having figured it out. Truly worthy of a watch, if you haven't read the book, you're in for a treat. Just one piece of advice: keep your eyes peeled for those clues.



Words by Julie Gilbert.




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“There's more to this story than at first glance.”

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