A slick look into the world of a con artist
RELEASED February 27th



The world of the con artist is a pretty glamorous place to be if Focus is anything to go by: there's money by the millions, designer suits, and not a glimpse of anything seedy. Focus stars Will Smith as veteran conman, Nicky Spurgeon, whose slight of hand and quick thinking will pretty much fool anyone.


Will returns to the big screen in the type of role that suits him best. It's not a taxing role, but he's charming, sexy, and even though he is up to no good, we can't help but love him. His trickster ways attract the fresh and the not-so-skilled con artist Jess, played by Margot Robbie. There is a fear that Margot might get typecast by taking on such roles, but it won't do her any harm in performing in a film alongside Will Smith. 


Nicky (Smith) trips Jess (Robbie) up when she tries to con him with the 'my husband will kill you' trick. Not to be fooled by her attempt to extort money, she's impressed with his style, and after much persuasion, he agrees to train her up within his team. With the on-screen chemistry pretty much off the chart, you can see what's coming next, and an inevitable romance ensues. But like any good movie, it isn't all happy-ever-after, and there is the break-up to contend with, plus the 'will they or wont' scenario running through its core.

Fast forward three years after their relationship's demise, Nicky's glamorous con business takes him to Buenos Aires where he bumps into the now highly-skilled Jess, and it becomes a question of who's conning who. 


Written and directed by the team behind Crazy, Stupid, Love, Glenn Ficarra and John Requa have played it safe by giving the audience everything they expect to see: romance, comedy, and the inevitable twists and turns. Don't get us wrong, this isn't always a bad thing. It's certainly clever in parts, and you may not always realise what is real and what is part of the greater con, but to a certain extent it's also very formulaic.

It's not a standout performance for Margot and looking back, you are probably going to remember Will's performance a great deal more. It could have been pretty much any blonde taking on that role. Will, however, exudes just the right amount of cheekiness to nail his character, and keep the film afloat.


Adrian Martinez who, although only has a small part as Farhad, brings a certain quirkiness to the film, which is greatly welcomed; it's only a shame his part isn't bigger.

The storyline, as well as the characters, is light-hearted, engaging, and makes for the perfect Sunday afternoon view. You might even feel warm and gooey inside upon leaving the cinema, if you're lucky.




Words by Julie Gilbert.




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“Will Smith exudes just the right amount of cheekiness.”

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