A warm addition to the science fiction genre
RELEASED March 9th



Married couple Marika (Gillian Anderson) and Gabriel (Rufus Sewell) spend their lives researching the most controversial and dark corners of physics. Until one day, when everything changed. Catching a flight to deliver a lecture set to change the face of modern science, Gabriel mysteriously disappears, leaving Marika and their son Erol, (Haley Joel Osment) confused and alone, with no clues or explanation.


Years pass by, until a bizarre discovery throws Marika and Erol's lives into a new dimension as a glimmer of hope that Gabriel is still alive reveals itself. But in order to try and bring him home, they must risk all they think they know about the universe, to change the parameters of reality forever.


With a limited budget, the film displays its hard work. The attempt to portray emotion and drama, rather than the actual science, makes this film succeed in its own right. The cast is strong, and it's wonderful to see Osment back on screen after a long hiatus.


Whilst the film works, it can get tedious in parts, but it is definitely worth a watch. Written and directed by Richie Mehta, Continuum shows a promising future for this Canadian filmmaker.



Words by Busra Mutlu.




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“The film displays its hard work on a limited budget.”

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