A hypnotic Northern Western
RELEASED February 27th



Writer/director Daniel Wolfe is better known for his music videos and advertisements (one of his well known videos - The Shoes' Time to Dance - featured a crazed Jake Gyllenhaal). Now, with his mesmerising debut, Catch Me Daddy, Wolfe moves from short to feature-length storytelling, and excels.


Young Laila (Sameena Jabeen Ahmed in her first role) and her lover Aaron (played by Neds actor Connor McCarron) are on the run from Laila's family. Her brother, and a small group of hired men, set out to find Laila and Aaron, and return her to her dishonoured father (Four Lions' Wasim Zakir).


With Catch Me Daddy, the Wolfe brothers (Daniel shares a writing credit with brother, Matthew Wolfe) turn the brief articles and news pieces about the mysterious deaths of young women in contemporary Britain into an unflinching Northern Western about honour killing. The bare Yorkshire landscape becomes the western frontier on which Wolfe's thriller takes place; the men wondering the small and isolated Northern towns are like John Wayne as he ruthlessly and obsessively searches for his kidnapped niece.


Sameena Jabeen Ahmed (the product of street casting) is the best thing about Catch Me Daddy. Everything about Jabeen Ahmed mesmerises, from her washed out pink hair, to her unrestrained and raw performance.


Flawed, but hypnotic, Catch Me Daddy stands up to the sludge of nostalgia soaked, un-daring, and award-hopeful British cinema.




Words by Hannah Campbell.




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“Everything about Jabeen Ahmed mesmerises.”

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