‘Rising Star’ Hannah Godwin tells us how it is behind the scenes

Hannah Godwin is a Production Supervisor who recently received the British Film Commission Rising Star Award at the 2014 Production Guild of Great Britain Awards, for her rapid career progression through the British film industry.


With films like Green Zone, Hugo, and Hereafter under her belt, Hannah recently finished Marvel Studios' Avengers: Age of Ultron, and is currently working on the highly-anticipated Bond 24.



I think it's really important that you're passionate about what you do; it certainly helps with the long hours. I originally started out in advertising, but after building a successful career, I decided that I wanted a change. I started again in the film industry 11 years ago, and I've never looked back.


Working in production puts you in the engine room of a film – along with the rest of your production team, you're in charge of hugely important logistical decisions. You may be working with up to 750 people on any given film, and everything you do is going to impact upon them.


On my first Bond film, Quantum of Solace, I was the Travel Coordinator, managing travel for hundreds of cast and crew across six countries, including Italy, Chile, Panama and Mexico. On Skyfall, I was the Production Coordinator, managing all the day-to-day elements of the shoot; everything from hiring additional crew and booking equipment, to managing the travel of the crew and equipment in foreign locations, to overseeing the distribution of all information to cast and crew, and reporting to the studio via daily production reports.


In the past year, I've progressed to Production Supervisor, working on two Disney films – Muppets Most Wanted, and Into the Woods. In my case, I've moved up within the team, and the responsibilities have become greater. But, really, the principle remains the same.


Wherever you're placed on the ladder, you're a crucial part of the machinery; the team has to work together, and trust each other implicitly in order for things to run smoothly. I've worked with the same team for years now – the person who is now our Production Coordinator started out as our Runner 11 films ago.


Personally, I'm more likely to be star struck by the talent I meet behind the camera. It's the Directors and the DOPs, the Producers and Production Designers whom I am in awe of. I'm very lucky to have worked with some incredible talent, all of whom inspire me, and who by example push me to be better every day.


The pressure can be great, and the schedules are undeniably tough. I did three films back-to-back last year, and most film shoots last around six months – my friends often refer to me as 'MIA' when I'm in the thick of a production! That said, the utter thrill of watching a film in the cinema that you first saw as 100 pieces of paper 18 months ago makes it all worthwhile.



"The key thing that Hannah has, which is really important in our industry, is that she's 100% reliable, she's trustworthy, and she delivers. It's a very serious job that we do, it involves huge amounts of money, it's very complex, but she always does it with good humour, she always does it with a smile." Callum McDougall, Executive Producer (Quantum of Solace, Skyfall)

“I'm more likely to be star struck by the talent I meet behind the camera.”

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