A look at some of the most stylistic outfits worn by women in film

To celebrate the release of The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton, we take a look at some of the most stylistic and fashionable outfits worn by women in film.






Kate Winslet - Titanic

Created by costume designer Deborah L. Scott, the gorgeous gowns worn by Kate Winslet in Titanic scooped one of the film's 11 Academy Awards, for Best Costume Design. From the red and black beaded gown, to the belted indigo dress, and also the gorgeous pinstripe suit in her opening scene, Kate's fashion style in this 1997 classic will be one we remember for a long time to come.





Marilyn Monroe - The Seven Year Itch

Marilyn Monroe's white dress in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch (directed by Billy Wilder) was created by costume designer William Travilla. The dress (along with the scene it's positioned within) is regarded as an icon of film history as Monroe's character steps onto the grate when they hear a subway train passing, resulting in the wind blowing up her stunning white dress.





Sex And The City - all of them!

Styled by Patricia Field (also the stylist of The Other Woman), the ladies of Sex And The City are renowned for their extremely chic, stylish and enviable wears. Part of the appeal of this film is the incredible fashion choices around one of the main characters, Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker). The film features statement dresses with coordinated shoes and handbags in a variety of bright and eye-catching colours.





Anne Hathaway - The Devil Wears Prada

This film stars Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs, a college graduate who goes to New York City and lands a job as a co-assistant to powerful fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep. Despite her ridicule for the shallowness of the fashion industry, she lands a job that a million girls would kill for. Andy (Anne Hathaway) wears boring clothes to begin with, but with the help of art director Nigel, who loans her designer clothes, she gradually learns her responsibilities and begins to dress more stylishly. One of her most stylish looks is her emerald green long coat, with leopard print fur, creating a sophisticated and smart look.





Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast At Tiffany's

The black Givenchy dress of Audrey Hepburn is a little black dress designed by Hubert de Givenchy and was worn by Hepburn during the opening of the 1961 romantic comedy film Breakfast At Tiffany's. The dress, cited as one of the most iconic items of clothing in the history of the twentieth century, is an Italian satin sheath evening gown with the skirt slightly gathered at the waist and slit to the thigh on one side, accompanied by a pair of black elbow-length gloves.





The Other Woman is out in cinemas now.




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“It’s no surprise all these ladies look amazing on screen.”

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