A cheeky and charmingly funny film
RELEASED February 13th



Before you sit down and watch Two Night Stand, you will probably have a rough idea of how things are going to pan out. Girl meets boy. They hate each other, they like each other, and then they hate each other all over again, and so forth.


Fuelled by red wine and a persuasive friend, Megan (Analeigh Tipton: Lucy, Crazy Stupid Love) does the modern thing and creates an online profile on a dating site, contacts a random stranger and embarks on a one night stand. Suffering from feelings of remorse the morning after, she attempts a quick getaway, but it doesn't go according to plan, when a freak snowstorm leaves her trapped inside her conquests building.


The object of the previous night's passion, fellow New Yorker, Alec (Miles Teller: Whiplash, Divergent) isn't impressed at the turn of events either. Things are awkward to say the least. Cue the set up for a delightfully humorous journey of discovery for two young and delicate individuals.


This movie explores in the loosest of senses what would happen if you actually spent some time getting to know your one night stand – an interesting thought. If you got to know the object of your desire, would you quite like them for more than a fleeting moment?


Written by Mark Hammer, who also wrote Skins, Two Night Stand has a certain style, which is skewed towards the younger, modern audience. It is written with a sense of innocence and naivety that is delightful to watch at times, and cringeable at others. There are tantrums, arguments and silly behaviour. If you're in your twenties, this might be something you can relate to, and if not, it might just be a reminder of our own sexual discovery.


The storyline isn't necessarily original and is very formulaic, but it is a romantic comedy, after all, so therefore you don't really need to overanalyse it. There's not much depth to it, but then it's not pretending to be something it's not. It is an easy-going light-hearted movie.


To sum it up, Two Night Stand is honest, cheeky, and a charmingly funny movie. Great for a girls' night in over a bottle of vino and a large bowl of popcorn.



Words by Julie Gilbert.




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“Written with a sense of innocence and naivety that is delightful.”

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