An action-packed Australian adventure
RELEASED January 30th



A dynamic duo is born, oddly enough over a game of chess, in the slammer as young-offender JR (Brenton Thwaites) meets the psychotic criminal mastermind, Brendan Lynch (Ewan McGregor).


The pair - much like the Breaking Bad partnership - slips in and out of rivalry and comradeship, while things spiral dangerously out of control.


At breakneck pace, JR finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into the clutches of the criminal world as he becomes a wanted man hijacking a helicopter to break Brendan out of prison.


Meanwhile, amidst the bullets, betrayal and frighteningly uncomplicated scenes of violence, love makes an appearance, as Tasha (Alicia Vikander), a mobsters girlfriend no less, takes a shine to our very green male lead. They take on the odds, fall in love, and plan a daring escape, without much distraction, as JR and Brendan plan an industrial heist of epic proportions.


This tale of violence and love and is no different in its direction, content and predictability to other crime thrillers. Whilst its dark humour and frantic pace add certain desirability to the overall plot, the fairytale ends far too neatly to be considered ground-breaking.


However, on the whole, it is enjoyable, and you'll be glued to the screen as explosions and witty jibs are hurled from moment to moment. An entertaining film, and well worth a watch.



Words by Darren Steer.




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“You'll be glued to the screen as jibs are hurled.”

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