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STUDIO: Angel & Tony tells a story of two people searching for a strong and stable human connection.  Why do you think this is an important story to tell?

Clotilde Hesme: It is an unexpected kind of love story.  It's about people who struggle for life, for love and try to get their faith in life back.


STUDIO: Angel is very complex and lost.  Apart from handling fish, what drew you to her?

CH: I was attracted by the fact that she's not pleasant at the beginning, and it's great for an actress to not to always be the seduced.  [Angel] has a weird seduction with men, she uses her body like currency and psychologically.  She's a nut case!  And that's enticing.


STUDIO: She's quite the femme fatale, like you said; she uses her body to get what she wants.  At the beginning, we see exchange sex for an Action Man figurine.  That was pretty intense!  What do you want the audience to understand and take away from Angel?

CH: [That] there is a real a journey for this character in the film.  She's not the same at the end as she was in the beginning.  Tony at first could've had a sexual relationship with her, but he doesn't want to love like that, and it's really about her respecting herself.  To win the trust step-by-step and taking time with relationships.


STUDIO: Alix Delaporte, the director, said in an interview she wanted the film to be 'few words and primal emotions'.  Why do you think this was her intended method, and do you think it worked well for the film?

CH: It worked because Gregory and I are close friends.  You can't film the moment with this grace, this magic.  I could've been Angel with another Tony, but it wouldn't have been the same film.  It's more the chemistry.


STUDIO: What is the weirdest job you've done in a film?

CH: I think for the moment it is gutting fish!


STUDIO: What are you're next plans?

CH: I've just finished working with Catherine Corsini for the film 3 Worlds, and it's coming out soon.



Words by Toyin Ayinde.


Angel & Tony opens in cinemas May 4th.

"Angel has a weird seduction with men, she uses her body like currency."

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