We celebrate some of the strongest leading ladies currently on US television

From ABC Studios comes Missing, a new action packed show starring Ashley Judd and Sean Bean. The show follows the story of Becca, a mother whose son has been kidnapped whilst studying abroad.


To celebrate the release of this mystery thriller on iTunes, we're celebrating some of the strongest leading ladies currently on US television.




Becca Winstone - Missing

Becca Winstone is a retired CIA agent who was living a quiet life as a mother running a flower shop and thought she had everything under control until her son went missing whilst studying in Rome. She travels to Europe to track him down, but finds herself in the middle of an international conspiracy involving the CIA and an Interpol agent who happens to be a former lover. Becca is a kick-ass leading lady and won't stop at anything to get her son back!





Emily Thorne - Revenge

Revenge is a show about fake identities, uncovering secrets, and most importantly retribution. Meet Emily Thorne, a beautiful young woman with a hidden agenda: she is trying to avenge her father's death. She moves in to a beach house in the Hamptons next to the powerful Grayson family who were responsible for the wrongful conviction and murder of her father. Emily is quick to put her plans in to action, however the men in her life don't only compromise her agenda but also her heart and she must soon learn how to navigate upper society, and her own emotions, to take vengeance on the people who destroyed her family. Emily is truly powerful leading lady, both physically and mentally. Not only does she have some serious combat skills that she learned in a Japanese 'revenge school', but she also knows how to manipulate those around her with her charm and beauty making her a threat to anyone who crosses her.






Olivia Pope - Scandal

Scandal is a political drama revolving around the life of professional crisis manager Olivia Pope. Olivia is a former media relations consultant to the president and owns her own crisis management firm, dedicated to protecting and defending the public images of the elite. Although she wants to start a new chapter in her life, Olivia finds it's challenging to leave parts of her past behind and scandal follows her everywhere. It soon becomes clear that her clients aren't the only ones with secrets and Olivia must exercise all of her damage control skills on her own behalf if she wants to succeed and move on. Olivia is a strong, intelligent woman who follows her instincts, but is by no means perfect, however her imperfections are her greatest strength and the audience love her for this. Taking on the biggest scandals out there, Olivia always comes through helping those who need her when there is nowhere else to turn.






Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama following professional and personal lives of Seattle Grace Hospital Staff, and in particular Meredith Grey. As the daughter of a renowned surgeon, Meredith struggles to live up to the reputation of her mother whilst also making sure medicine does not consume her life the way it did with her family. She is a no-nonsense doctor who doesn't believe in good or bad, she simply does what she believes is right. Meredith comes across many personal challenges including the illness of her mother, being reunited with her estranged father and the connection she has with a certain colleague. Meredith has a natural flair for medicine and is an amazing doctor. However it is not only her medical instincts that make her so good at her job - she is also hard working and very compassionate in both her professional and personal decisions.






Emma Swan - Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is based in the fairy-tale town Storybrooke filled with monsters and magic. The main residents are favourite characters from childhood tales that were transported to the town and robbed of their memories by a powerful curse. Emma Swan is a 28-year old bails bond collector who has lived on her own ever since she was abandoned as a baby. She is a survivor with strong moral beliefs and can always tell when those around her are lying. When her son who she put up for adoption tracks her down and brings her to the fairy-tale town, she begins to learn that magic truly exists and the curse on Storybrooke begins to weaken. Emma is fiercely protective of her son and will do anything to stay in his life, even it if it means believing his stories that magic does exist!




Remember to check out Missing, exclusively available on iTunes now.

“Becca is a kick-ass leading lady that won’t stop at anything.”

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