In honour of Valentine’s Day… Loved-up TV couples

Where better to really portray love - in its many forms - than on television?  The nature of the series allows writers to build on relationships, taking them from friendship or infatuation to true love and destiny or a heartbreaking conclusion over a number of episodes.  There are the childhood sweethearts, the teen love affairs, the firsts, the 'will they/won't they's and so many more, not to mention the happy marriages.  In honour of Valentine's Day, here's a quick look at some of our favourite television romances.


Hate to love: Chuck and Blair, 'Gossip Girl'

Bad boy lady-killer Chuck Bass was living a life of care-free debauchery in the Upper East Side when, like a bolt from the blue, Blair Waldorf proved to be his equal.  Together, the pair have created one of the most tumultuous, sexy, and playful relationships in a teen TV series, managing to soften both characters but for a long time losing nothing of their conniving, semi-evil edges.  There have been complications a-plenty over the seasons, but they remain a fan-favourite coupling.


Office romance: Dawn and Tim, 'The Office'

Though now best known for ushering in the era of the single-camera, mockumentary-style sitcom, the beating heart of the UK's Office was not the management-handbook buffoonery of David Brent, but the pining, heart-wrenching saga of receptionist Dawn and underachieving office prankster Tim.  Two scenes particularly come to mind – his microphone-silencing proclamation of love and gut-punch rejection and their kiss in the final episode.  Two beautiful moments of a romance and a truly satisfying conclusion.  Tears just thinking about it!


Complicated: Carrie and Big, 'Sex and the City'

Carrie certainly had to kiss a few frogs before it all went right, but didn't we all know deep down that it would end up being Big?  Aidan was gorgeous and sweet but they were in different places, Berger was too insecure to support Carrie in her own successes and The Russian, well that was never going to last, was it?  But Big always kept coming back.  Sure, sometimes he was insensitive, mindless, and generally foolish, but these two were very different people who, after much trying and failing, eventually found a way to make it work.



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"Where better to portray love than on television?"
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