Bringing TV and Film Closer Together?

It was a moment that so many TV fans had been waiting for – confirmation that the Arrested Development cast and creators will finally reunite.  Rumours of a movie about the dysfunctional family have been making the rounds since the last episode of the clever comedy series back in 2006, thanks in large part to the last line, where Maeby (Alia Shawkat) tries to sell the tale of her odd family to Ron Howard (the show's executive producer and narrator) for a TV show.  He responds that he doesn't think it would work on the small screen, but "maybe a movie..."


If all goes to plan, though, it won't just be a movie.   What's really interesting about this reunion is how they're attempting to do it.   It's an ambitious project, scheduling cast members for "nine or ten episodes" of TV, followed straight away by the movie's release in cinemas.  This will mean that the TV and film studios will have to work together on production and scheduling to pull the whole thing off.


The cast and creators shared the exciting and welcome news of their intentions with fans when they reunited at the New Yorker Festival at the end of September.  Creator Mitchell Hurwitz explained why another ten episodes of story are so important.   "As time went by, there was so much more to the story.   In fact, where everyone's been for five years became a big part of [it].  So, in working on the screenplay, I found that even if I just gave five minutes per character to [that], we were halfway through the movie before we got the characters together, and that kind of gave birth to this thing.   That we're going to try and do a limited-run TV series into the movie."



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"The show's stars are all in demand, so scheduling will be important - though they've all promised to return."
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