Introducing Sarah Linden

The American version of popular Danish TV series The Killing is coming to UK screens this summer, in which we’re promised thirteen weeks of atmospheric crime drama revolving around the death of teenager Rosie Larsen.


Show runner Veena Sud had a blueprint to work from within the twenty episodes of the original, but she’s transplanted the action to rain-soaked Seattle and veered from the storyline enough to give us a new conclusion.


Leading the investigation in this series is detective Sarah Linden (Mirielle Enos). Contemplative and calmly authoritative, she often says more with her eyes than she does with her words. As the majority of American female detectives on the box go, she’s refreshingly unglam, with an appearance that makes logical sense alongside the demands and daily tasks of her job, as well as the climate she lives in.


Being a woman, and therefore understanding the perils of heels on uneven paving slabs, let alone a grassy marsh, Veena was determined that adapting the series for an American audience wouldn’t mean that her lead detective spent hours getting glammed up at the start of each day. She told the LA Times, “In cop dramas, there's a preponderance of female cops who wear stilettos and it drives me nuts. I mean I'm not showing up to work in a poodle skirt. It was like, let's take every cliché of female detectives and ground them in reality, right down to their shoes.”



Read the rest of The Killing: Introducing Sarah Linden, in our August 2011 issue!


"As the majority of American female detectives on the box go, she’s refreshingly unglam."
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