Mila Kunis

Forget soppy rom-coms of old; Hollywood 2011 is dispensing with the tried and tested formula of enemies who eventually become lovers, and brings us instead Friends With Benefits.


Mila Kunis stars as Jamie, a successful twenty-something whose string of failed relationships and busy career convince her that, when it comes to men, less is more.  But, the path of casual sex doesn't always run smooth, and soon enough, things begin to get a bit more complicated.


It's Mila's first role since the Oscar-winning Black Swan and she's got us talking all over again.  We asked award-winning make-up artist Tracey Levy, who worked with Ms. Kunis, how to recreate her screen style.



Read the rest of Steal That Style with Mila Kunis, in our September 2011 issue.  Out now!

"It’s Mila’s first role since Black Swan and she’s got us talking all over again."
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