Rachel McAdams

Woody Allen's latest film Midnight In Paris, transports us not only to a world of romanticism and nostalgia, but also to the ultimate style capital of the world.  The Paris of today and of a bygone era is the leading beauty in this whimsical comedy, but we all know, wherever Woody goes, so too do elegant women – stylishly dressed and commanding an audience.


Rachel McAdams plays Inez, one half of the holidaying couple, fiancée to Owen Wilson's Gil and bourgeois foil to his romantic impulsive side.  But whatever Inez might lack in cultural appreciation or temerity she makes-up for in chic; her outfits are enviably simple, laid-back but seriously sexy.


We've given you our take on the perfect Parisian look.



Read the rest of Steal That Style with Rachel McAdams, in our October 2011 issue.  Out now!

"Her outfits are enviably simple, laid-back, but seriously sexy."
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