Jennifer Aniston

For this month's style stealing, we're heading to the dark side.  As a rom-com centred around a career couple's departure from the city, and their new life in a hippie commune; Jennifer Aniston's new movie, Wanderlust, is full of free-love, maxi dresses, hallucinogens and string tops.  But, it's actually Jen's New York, up-tight business attire we're coveting.


Rocking head to toe black, with leather and layers, our favourite girl-next-door looks polished to perfection.  We've found all the items you need to pull off Jen's city chic.



Read the rest of Steal That Style with Jennifer Aniston, in our February 2012 issue.  Out now!



What do you think of Jen's city chic style?  Leave your comment below.

"Rocking head to toe black, our favourite girl-next-door looks polished to perfection."
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