Exclusive footage screening of del Toro’s latest action sci-fi

A few weeks ago, STUDIO was privileged enough to be invited by Warner Bros. for an exclusive footage screening of Guillermo del Toro's upcoming film Pacific Rim, due to be released July 12th.


Opening the screening was del Toro himself and he gave a walk-through the scenes we were about to witness. Four scenes each were showcasing the progressive stages in this summer's extravaganza.


Starting with the oh-so-familiar ominous boom in action adventures, we are catapulted into the near future where otherworldly creatures, known as Kaijus, rise from the sea through a dimensional rift and bring forth destruction on a colossal-level and claim millions of lives.


The intention of the juggernauts is unclear and in order to make a stand against the aliens, world leaders collaborate and create giant robots, known as Jaegers, which are steered by the minds of two pilots in a 'drift', to counter attack and save humanity from obliteration.


Drawing inspiration from Franciso Goya's 1808 painting Colossus and his famously active imagination, this Transformers meets War of the Worlds film starring Britain's own Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and well-acquainted del Toro actor Ron Perlman, is spearheaded by visual effects Oscar winners John Knoll and Hal T. Hickel, behind the Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean films, and charges with explosive visuals putting the viewers in the driving seat of the larger-than-life Jaegers.


Del Toro has already had to defend Pacific Rim against claims of regurgitating anime and Japanese monster films as a foundation: "I felt there was a chance to do something fresh, something new that at the same time was conscious of the heritage, but not a pastiche or an homage or a greatest hits of everything. One of the first things I did is make it a point to not check any old movies or any other references. Like start from scratch."


Set to be the film of the summer, Pacific Rim includes all vital components of an action success: running civilians, guns (very big guns), strong emotive music and dynamic kick-ass 'robot vs. monster' fight scenes. Due to be released July 12th in 2D and 3D, it looks to be a right corker!



Words by Toyin Ayinde.






“Explosive visuals put the viewers in the driving seat.”

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