Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus takes on the White House

Armando Iannucci is giving American politics The Thick Of It treatment in his latest television venture.


For those who are unfamiliar with American politics "Veep" stands for Vice President.  It seems the most pointless job in American politics is fertile ground for Iannucci's latest political satire.  The original pilot of the show became the film In The Loop, however Veep promises not to be a mere remake of neither In The Loop or The Thick Of It, but a refreshing comedic angle on what goes on in the offices on The Hill in a flawed and corrupt political system.


The "Veep" Selina Meyer is played by award-winning actress Julia Louis Dreyfus.  Dreyfus is a comedy veteran with a career spanning thirty years.  She began her career on Saturday Night Live in the 1980s, leading to her first breakthrough role in long running sitcom Seinfeld as kooky Elaine, and in the noughties in The New Adventures Of Old Christine.  All of these programme credentials and a trophy cabinet boasting a Golden Globe, two Emmys and a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame means it is not surprising Iannucci has chosen Dreyfus as Vice President Selina Meyer.



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The most pointless job in American politics is fertile ground for Iannucci’s latest political satire.

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