We hit the Snow White And The Huntsman premiere in London’s Leicester Square

Yesterday the world's premiere of Snow White And The Huntsman hit London's Leicester Square.  With trees, plants, birds and an array of strategically placed leaves, Leicester Square was gone and in its place was the magical enchanted forest.


SWATH is a darker variation of the fairytale that we all know and love.  With Kristen Stewart playing none other than the fairest of them all, Snow White.  Academy award winner Charlize Theron is the evil queen Raveena who wants nothing more than to destroy her.  But (and here comes the twist), Snow White has been training in the art of war craft with a huntsman named Eric (none other than Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame).


Producer Joe Roth (Alice In Wonderland) worked alongside acclaimed commercial director Rupert Sanders to create this epic blockbuster of a movie!


Gracing the red carpet were stars; Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth.  Director Rupert Sanders and Producer Joe Roth were also walking the leaf-strewn walkway along with other key cast members.


At the start of the evening, we caught up with director Rupert Sanders, whose wife Liberty Ross plays Queen Eleanor in the film.  Here's what he had to say:



STUDIO: What are the fans going to get from this movie that they won't have seen before?

Rupert Sanders: It's a very big, very epic intense ride.  I think the thing that I'm most proud of is the fact that it's got a great heart.  Too many big films nowadays take from you and they don't give anything back.  And I think the one thing that we tried to do was to bring back the heart (no pun intended).




STUDIO: The cast obviously brings a lot to their characters; can you tell us what made them right for their respective roles?

RS: You know, Charlize is incredibly beautiful, she's an incredible actor and she won an Oscar for throwing that beauty away making her perfect for the complicated role of Queen Raveena.


STUDIO: And what about Kristen?

RS: Kristen...  She's so free spirited and wild, and she's got a lot on her shoulders.  There's just something there.  She's like an untamed wild horse and she just sums up the modern Snow White for me.


STUDIO: Are there any funny anecdotes from behind the scenes you can share with the readers of STUDIO?

RS: Every day something bizarre happened.  You've got a thousand people perched on the edge of a cliff in Wales with 250 horses galloping down the beach.  It's inevitable that strange stuff goes on.  We all just had a great time and I hope we all get to work together again someday.


STUDIO: Do you have a message for fans before you leave us?

RS: Yeah you know, I really hope you see something in this movie that will stay with you for a very long time.  The cast and the story made working on this movie a dream come true...


  SWATH.172.jpg   SWATH.180.JPG



Speaking of dreams comes true, we managed to grab a few minutes with none other than the huntsman himself, Mr Chris Hemsworth.



STUDIO: When you first read the script for SWATH what did you think?

Chris Hemworth: Initially, I made the assumption that I knew the story and that there was nothing more to tell, but pretty soon after reading the script I realized it was something different.



STUDIO: In what way was it different?

CH: It was far more epic, visual and detailed than anything I'd seen before.  It's way darker and there's a gothic element to it.  My character is like an open wound and he's so different to any other character that I'd played previously, so it was nice to tackle something different.


STUDIO: You're fast becoming an action movie god.  You traded hammers in Avengers for swords in SWATH.  How did the two roles differ?

CH: I mean this guy (the huntsman) is a bit of a drunken mess.  He can be nimble and effective with his weaponry – but he's definitely not as sober as Thor was.


STUDIO: We've heard the rumours and we want to know who hits harder – The Hulk OR Kristen?

CH: Kristen, because it was real.  The Hulk's move was a nice bit of CGI and stunt work.


STUDIO: Can you explain to our readers how Kristen 'accidentally' hit you?

CH: In the movie, Snow White throws a punch and is supposed to miss the huntsman.  But, I guess during one take we got a little too close and "BAM" right on the nose.  I was out for the count!  She packs quite a punch for such a small lady!


STUDIO: What's Kristen like to work with?

CH: Dedicated, focused and committed.  She fit perfectly with the strong character of Snow White and the rest of us just followed her lead.





Next to talk to STUDIO, was none other than the awesome Hot Fuzz and Shawn Of The Dead actor Nick Frost.



STUDIO: You play Nion, one of the dwarfs.  What can you tell our readers about him?

Nick Frost: Nion's an angry man, his home and his family have been destroyed and blown up and he doesn't trust tall people.


STUDIO: Why do you think you got cast in the part of Nion?

NF: I'm just a very versatile, short, angry actor.  I guess I just ticked all the boxes.


STUDIO: How difficult was it becoming a dwarf?

NF: We actually got sent away to dwarf college where we had to learn how to walk and move like a dwarf.



And with that Nick hurried away to get out of the cold.  Versatile yes Nick, immune to the cold London weather, apparently not.


Another actress not immune to the UK rain was Kristen Stewart, as she decided to cut her interviews short and to get inside in the warm.  Who can blame her in THAT dress (see below for more pics)?


Luckily for us, the gorgeous Charlize Theron looked less evil queen and more top model as she happily answered our questions.  We restrained ourselves from telling her she's our number one girl crush and instead asked her these questions instead...





STUDIO: It's so great to have you here tonight.  Can you start by telling us what attracted you to the role of the evil queen?

Charlize Theron: I think it was the world it was set in and the film in its entirety that was exciting to me.


STUDIO: Your character is the villain, but she's also got a vulnerable side.  What else can you tell us about Queen Raveena?

CT: Yeah I mean she's real, we wanted her to be a human being and we wanted to show her as a person who was really struggling with her inner conflict.


STUDIO: Do you prefer playing darker characters now?

CT: I think of all the characters, as people, are struggling in different ways and who all have different objectives.  I don't think of the characters as just good or just bad... none of us our 'just' one thing, we're all a combination of different things.


STUDIO: You've been taking on a lot of dark roles lately – Young Adult and Prometheus, for example.  Is there any reason for this?

CT: No, I mean they're all such different worlds that I don't think you can compare the characters.  All the characters find themselves in such different environments and that's what sets the tone of each movie.


STUDIO: SWATH has a large fan base already and the fairytale genre is bigger than ever.  What do you make of the attention from fans that the movie is already receiving?

CT: It's so flattering, I can't really think about it.  It's so sweet and I'm incredibly grateful to all the fans.


STUDIO: Have the premieres changed since the first time you walked the red carpet?

CT: It's still the same as far as excitement, anxiety and the nerves, and I don't think that ever goes away because it's a lot of attention for a person to receive.  I'm just so happy that everyone came out here to support us and the film... even in the rain.  That always amazes me.





We also took a few minutes to talk to the fabulous Colleen Atwood – the women responsible for the amazing costumes seen in SWATH.



STUDIO: Congratulations on some stunning work in the movie.  What are you most proud of?

Colleen Atwood: I haven't seen it all together yet, so I'm not sure.  I'm just proud that people like them so much.


STUDIO: What methods do you use to inspire you in the creative process?

CA: Well, I did authentic medieval research and then I separated the different kinds of people.  It took a huge amount of research.


STUDIO: Charlize wears some of the most amazing outfits in the movie.  What can you tell us about them?

CA: Well, Charlize's costumes were all hand made and are the equivalent of couture in the fashion world.  Even the feather cape she wears is all hand embroidered and there were six people at a time working just on her costumes alone.


STUDIO: Kristen's costumes must have been quite a challenge.  On the one hand she's the fairest of them all, but she's also the toughest of them all.  How did you cope with that?

CA: I loved the idea of the fairest also being the toughest.  It was so great to be able to challenge myself to come up with some suitable costumes for her more physical scenes.



Snow White And The Huntsman will be released nationwide by Universal Pictures on Wednesday 30th May and I know you've heard it before, but this is definitely a must see movie with a truly amazing cast – check it out!



Words by Carley Dale.

“Kristen threw a punch and BAM, right on the nose. I was out for the count! She packs quite a punch for such a small lady!” – Chris Hemsworth

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