We chat with Shavani Seth from E4’s Youngers about her role in the smash hit new British comedy drama

STUDIO: When did you first begin acting and how did you first get the role of Davina?

Shavani Seth: I began acting at the age of 15, doing after school classes, and I have been doing so for the past 8 years. I'm now 23-years-old. I heard about the role through my agent, but I also received emails from my friends about the casting, saying that they are looking for a black 17-year-old girl that can rap and sing, and I thought, that's not me! After a few months, they still had not found someone to play the role and after my shift one day - at the time I was a waitress - I received a call about the role, went for the audition, then I got the role.


STUDIO: Do you feel that you can relate to Davina?

Shavani Seth: In some ways I can see myself in Davina because we are both passionate about the arts and she is the type of person who is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals in her career.


STUDIO: Is this your first major acting role?

Shavani Seth: As cheesy as this might sound, I see every role that I have taken on as a major role. They are just different platforms and different levels and I am grateful for the experiences that I have gained from all of them. This is my first leading TV role.


STUDIO: As a whole, do you think that the Youngers storyline is one that young people can relate to?

Shavani Seth: There are definitely sections of the show that different young people can relate to. The main message behind the show is the idea that very often young people are told that they cannot do things, when in fact they can. For example, in the storyline Jay and Yemi are doing their GCSE's and one of them doesn't do as well as the other in education; but that is not the be all and end all as they both still have the same drive and passion for music. It shows that people can succeed if they stay passionate at what they are doing. It also shows young people in a more positive light, as opposed to showing them living a life that is full of sex, guns and violence. That's what makes Youngers different.


STUDIO: Do you feel that Youngers is show that has the potential to expand and possibly show the progression of characters making a success of their careers?

Shavani Seth: I definitely feel that there is a possibility to expand the storyline, as there is so much that can be done with it. Levi David is an amazing scriptwriter, so it depends where he wants to take the story. But, yes, I do see potential for there to be an 'Olders' sequel that stays true to the storyline.


STUDIO: What is next for you?

Shavani Seth: I have been doing loads of auditions for plays. I am looking forward to going back to play scripts and the theatre, but also developing as an actor and hopefully progressing to blockbusters! A lot of people think I have made it, but for me I am still learning and making progress.



Words by Dominique Prince.



Youngers is available to own on DVD from May 13th.

“They were looking for a girl that can rap and sing, and I thought, that's not me!”

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