Two of TV’s familiar faces tell us their plans for the festive season

Earlier this month, a whole host of celebrities turned up for the 2nd annual TriForce Short Film Festival, based in London's prestigious British Academy of Film & Television Arts.


Every element of the night oozed glitz and glamour as stars posed for pictures on the red carpet, and came together to celebrate the innovative work of independent directors.


We caught up with ex-Eastender Preeya Kalidas and Broadchurch star Tanya Franks to find out about their current projects and plans for the festive season.




STUDIO: Preeya, we have not heard from you in a while; what have you been up to?

Preeya Kalidas: I am currently looking forward to Christmas and I have some really exciting projects planned for 2014! I have a new EP coming out, so I have been working really hard with Naughty Boy, Angel and Wretch 32 to prepare for that.


STUDIO: Is it likely that you will return to Eastenders?

PK: (Laughs) That is out of my hands and she isn't dead!


STUDIO: Is there anyone in particular that you are looking forward to seeing at tonight's festival?

PK: I've already seen some really talented friends of mine and I'm a massive fan of creativity and talent and tonight that's what it is about. So yes, I am looking forward to spending my Sunday evening watching all of the films.


STUDIO: What are your plans for Christmas?

PK: Family! It's a great time for getting together with friends. We've already organised a girls dinner in a couple weeks to catch up with everyone because a lot of us have been busy. This year Christmas day will be at my sister in laws place and there are going to be loads of us. Some of us will probably end up sitting on the sofa and the stairs; but it doesn't matter because we are going to be together!


STUDIO: Finally, what present would you like for Christmas?

PK: A new, expensive hoover that works for years! See, I'm not high maintenance. I want a hoover, so I can clean up!





STUDIO: Tanya, what brings you to the short film festival today?

Tanya Franks: I know Jimmy, Fraser and Minnie, who run TriForce, so I'm really happy to be here to support the work that they do for so many other actors, writers and film makers; they do such a fab job!


STUDIO: Did you enjoy your time on Broadchurch? What was it like keeping the secret?

TF: Yes completely. I have had a nice career and I have been very fortunate, so I touch wood that it continues! It was quite funny because we literally did not know who the murderer was until the very end of the piece; so it wasn't always the case that we were keeping a secret, we really did not know until we were filming the last episode.


STUDIO: Will you be in the new series?

TF: There is a series two of the show, but I don't know whether I will be in it or not or whether my character will be in it. But you know it is a great series anyway I look forward to their continued success.


STUDIO: Are you currently working on any new projects?

TF: I am developing a feature film of my own, so I am spending a lot of time on that at the moment. There are also a couple of projects that we've spoken about for next year, so we'll have to see which one comes through first.


STUDIO: Can you tell us any more about the film?

TF: It is about a compulsive liar, that's all I can tell you!


STUDIO: So, what are your plans for Christmas?

TF: We think we might go to Los Angeles; have a little bit of sunshine, see some friends over and do a little bit of work.



Words by Dominique Prince.

“I’m a fan of creativity and tonight that’s what it is about.”

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