Lily Collins proves she’s not your average pop-eyed princess

Lily Collins, daughter of Phil, stars in the fantasy adventure, Mirror Mirror early next month.  An upcoming comedy fantasy film based on Snow White by the Brothers Grimm, Mirror Mirror retells the classic fairytale with a slew of big names attached to the production, including Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Sean Bean.


Here actress Lily Collins talks about her pop star father, landing auditions without his help, and how playing a princess changed her outlook on life.



STUDIO: Coming from a journalism background, is it more fun being the person being interviewed?

Lily Collins: It's fun.  I get to talk about what I love to do, and it's a different kind of approach to it.  But, I've always loved journalism and I still use it every day.  I write in a journal every day, and when looking for new character traits for a movie, I ask questions.  I carry a notebook, I write things down, I'm a genuinely interested person.  So, I'm always able to keep up that journalism side to it.  I do love telling people why I love what I do, which is because I love what I do.


STUDIO: Do you ask important questions when dealing with filmmaking?

LC: Oh, totally.  I'm asking questions to everyone behind the camera, in front of the camera...  I now have gotten really into photography, so I've become a photojournalist, taking pictures everywhere in Montreal, and everywhere I travel.  I'm definitely trying to capture every moment.


STUDIO: Was acting always on the list of things you wanted to do?

LC: Yeah, I started when I was two.  I did a show in England, and then I did musical theatre and stage theatre here in Los Angeles when I moved here.  I've always loved reading books and watching movies to take me away from reality, and the idea that as an actor, you can bring people with you into that world, is what I love.  I was told no for a long time in auditions because I was too green, or I wasn't seasoned enough, and journalism kind of came into play because I wanted to do something while I was waiting to finally get a yes – something that I could learn about in front of the camera, behind the camera.  No one else was doing journalism at my age.  There wasn't Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.  All that stuff wasn't really as public as it is now, so I started doing something that no one else was doing as a young person, and got a lot of experience in front of the camera. It definitely helped me when it comes to acting..



Read the rest of STUDIO's exclusive interview with Lily Collins, star of Mirror Mirror, in our March 2012 issue.   Out now!

"I was told no for a long time in auditions because I wasn’t seasoned enough."

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