The BBC star gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming film The Physician

This talented young actress is no stranger to playing historical characters, having brought to life the long forgotten heroine Mary Seacole in Horrible Histories on CBBC and BBC with Stephen Fry.  She will be travelling back in time again for her role in The Physician, an adaptation of Noah Gordon's bestseller about an 11th-century Englishman who travels to Persia to study medicine.


Dominique sat down with us to give us a sneak peek into her upcoming film, plus what other roles she has in store.



STUDIO: You're about to star in an upcoming drama alongside Ben Kingsley called The Physician. How did you become a part of it?

Dominique Moore: Well, I went for the audition like everyone else, and it was the first audition I have ever been to where they told me I had the job straightaway!



DM: I was actually on my way to a screening for new comedy I've got out called Donna Rush, so was dressed very trendy for a period drama audition!  After the audition, Philipp Stölzl, the director, said he liked me but I looked too modern!  So he suggested I go back in a more period inspired outfit and read again because this could be what lands me the job.  I was like, "Right, okay," and I went and researched outfits during that time, along with what I already knew, as I read The Physician beforehand.  I like researching what I'm doing and with this I wanted to know the book inside out, and get a feel for everything.


I went back and the director said he really liked my outfit, which was amazing!  They also had to train me with a different accent which took three days, but after that they said, "Obviously the job is yours," and I was so surprised I said, "Can I tell my Mum?"


STUDIO: So what can you tell us about The Physician and your character?

DM: The film is based on the book of the same name and my character meets Rob Cole who can sense when people are about to die, and he has to disguise himself so he can study under Ibn Sina (Ben Kingsley).


In the film I get to work with Ben Kingsley and Tom Payne, which is amazing.




STUDIO: Why choose your next role as a prostitute?

DM: I've been wanting to do something dramatic for a long time, and this came along which is completely different!  I was very nervous in my audition because I've never done a film before, and for this film I get to try a different accent and travel to Germany and Morocco, so I'm a very happy girl.


STUDIO: What would you say to aspiring actresses?

DM: Definitely be sure acting is what you want to do, because you'll be told 'no' more then you'll be told 'yes'.  You have to be strong so don't try to copy anyone else.  No one else can be you like you can; you have something so unique to offer that no one else has.


STUDIO: Who are other actors you'd love to work with?

DM: I really love Tracey Bennet.  I saw her in End Of The Rainbow and she was amazing!  And I thought to be that talented and have that much stage presence to capture an audience for so long is impressive.


I'd love work with Julie Walters, she can do everything.  Whoopi Goldberg, I love her in the Sister Acts.


STUDIO: What's next for Dominique Moore?

DM: There are a few more episodes of Donna Rush due to be released, and a possible series will be made, and I start shooting new episodes of Horrible Histories later in the year.  I've also written a TV pilot, which is for more mature audiences with Jalaal Hartley, and I have the upcoming film!



Words by Toyin Ayinde.

“I’ve been wanting to do something dramatic for a long time.”

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