We catch up with the Made In Chelsea star at the premiere of SWATH

STUDIO: Great to see you at the premiere of SWATH Amber.  Can you start by telling us a bit about the stunning dress you're wearing?

Amber Atherton: Yes, thank you so much.  It's vintage Ralph Lauren and I feel so lucky to have been able to delve into their archives this morning and pick this out.


STUDIO: Are you excited about the film and what are you looking forward to the most?

AA: I love Snow White and the styling in this film is absolutely incredible.


STUDIO: Colleen Atwood is the stylist behind the movie, are you a big fan of hers?

AA: Well, from what I've seen so far I definitely am, there's some incredible jewellery in the movie.


STUDIO: What is it about Snow White that you think captivates so many people?

AA: It's got a really great balance between a really innocent figure and really menacing figure and it brings you in and takes a dark twist.


STUDIO: Kristen is obviously our new Snow White, are you a big fan of hers?

AA: I'm a massive fan, and I'm definitely more drawn to those quirky unusual girls rather then the stereotypical blonde heroine.


STUDIO: Are you a Twilight fan?

AA: Kind of, I'm not a Twi-hard fan, though.


STUDIO: When you're not attending film premieres what are you doing?

AA: I'm running my jewellery company,, we just took on a new member of staff and things are going really well.  We've just been nominated for jewellery retailer of the year, which is great.


STUDIO: How much has staring in Made In Chelsea changed your life?

AA: It's been such an incredible opportunity.  I get to attend premieres such as this and I feel very lucky.  It's been an amazing stepping-stone and such a great project to be part of; one of the first reality shows and being introduced into that whole TV world was amazing.


STUDIO: We're guessing you'll be heading to the BAFTAS this year.  How does it feel to be nominated?

AA: I'm thrilled, it's such an honour... we shall see what it holds!


STUDIO: What else is in store for you?

AA: Hopefully something with an entrepreneurial theme.  TV takes such a long time to get anything moving forward, but there are ideas for shows that will hopefully make it onto TV screens later on this year.


STUDIO: Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy.  Does this mean we won't see you on the next series of MiC?

AA: It depends what the story lines are.


STUDIO: It's interesting that you use the words storyline; can you tell our readers what you mean by that?

AA: Well, I think if the cameras were to just follow us 24/7 it would be a bit boring, but it has to be a bit structured to give it a watch-ability factor.  But as far as storylines, it's real elements of our life – just more scheduled to work with around TV.


STUDIO: Finally do you have anything to say to all your MiC fans?

AA: Absolutely, MiC fans I hope you're watching and thanks for all your support and keep watching the show!



Words by Carley Dale.

“I love Snow White and the styling in this film is absolutely incredible.”

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