Amanda Seyfried On Her Kick-Ass New Image

STUDIO: Do you feel this film about the haves and have nots is really appropriate at the moment?

Amanda Seyfried: It's right on point with what we are struggling with in our economy.  It's almost like Andrew Niccol is psychic.  I think he knew what he was doing when he created this story and decided to make a film of it because everything just feels like it's being torn apart in a way even now.   I feel like it's the kind of movie that's meant to be fun, but it's actually relevant, as relevant as it can ever be right now.  In the movie the rich and the poor are very segregated and it looks like we are getting to that same situation in real life.


There are just so many ideas in this movie that make so much sense and are relevant in where we live and what we're doing.  It's also about how much time we're wasting on one thing and how the wealthy people just control so much; and how there's no balancing.  It's crazy.


STUDIO: Did it make you think how you are using your time?

AS: I thought about it a lot.  I try not to sleep so much now (laughs) because I really feel like I am wasting my time.  I think it's important to make time for myself.  When I have time off, I like to go horse riding or do my singing.  I manage my time really well.  I make lists and I am very organized and I have a lot of things I am doing.  I don't waste my time.  Even if I am watching TV – I am painting or knitting at the same time.


STUDIO: Did you enjoy the new image you had in this movie?

AS: The director wanted something striking and we weren't sure if we were going to cut my own hair, and then we saw this red colour wig.  We tried it on, we did make-up tests, and with Colleen Atwood's designs it made sense.  Everything was styled to be very edgy and chic and I don't think it would have worked as well with blonde hair.  I felt badass and more capable of doing the task at hand.  I felt more comfortable with having a gun in my hand.  It was great to change my image.  You've never seen me like this.  I'm usually seen as the blonde haired, blue eyed girl next door and I feel like it made me feel different.  It made it so much easier to get into this character.



Read the rest of STUDIO's exclusive interview with Amanda Seyfried, star of In Time, in our February 2012 issue.   Out now!

"I felt badass. It was great to change my image."
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