The Rise of Hollywood Nerd Girls

In an era where a comic book adaptation or superhero movie is released practically every week, it’s easy to assume that there is little in the cinema for us to enjoy. But in recent years, increasing numbers of women have been ‘coming out’ as geeks.


In our school days, it was virtually social suicide to proclaim your love of Marvel comics or the so-bad-it’s-cool Batman series starring Adam West, but for this generation it’s actually hip to be square.


Female celebrities, such as Rosario Dawson, Megan Fox and Kristen Bell, are coming out of the woodworks as über-geeks, seemingly making it more acceptable for the rest of us to do so. The market is widening so much that there are dozens of books and websites dedicated specifically to girly geeks.


Susana Polo from The Mary Sue, an entertainment hub for geek women, argues that it’s not necessarily the case that more women are becoming interested in geek culture, it’s that they’re becoming more visible. “I think it’s definitely true that geek culture in general is becoming more visible. There’s a bit more caché in calling yourself a geek - it’s not simply a derogatory term anymore; and in the same way that more people in general are ‘coming out’ as a geek, more women are visibly claiming a geek identity where they might not previously.”



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"There’s a bit more caché in calling yourself a geek - it’s not simply a derogatory term anymore."
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