Audrey Tautou and Jonathan Ross on Beautiful Lies

Jonathan Ross, face of French movie channel Cinémoi, had the great pleasure to interview Audrey Tautou, the star of Amélie and Coco Before Chanel, to celebrate the release of Beautiful Lies DVD on November 7th – as well as discuss her career and her opinions on celebrity and fashion.


Jonathan Ross: Tell me about the character you play in Beautiful Lies, and what attracted you to the part.

Audrey Tautou: My character is the owner of a hair salon, she's a very strong-minded person, she always wants to be right.  She wants to make her mother happy, so she forwards her an anonymous love letter that she herself received.  My character can be unbearable and charming, tough and fair and she lacks self-confidence, so I like the contrasts in this part.  It was a secret dream for me to play with Sami Bouajila, so when Pierre Salvadori told me that he had cast him, I was in heaven, he's an amazing actor!


JR: I know you've worked with Pierre Salvadori before (Priceless), does that help you know that you're going to be comfortable in the film?

AT: Yes, it helped because I already knew that Pierre loved my work, and that I didn't disappoint him during our last experience!  But I wanted to surprise him too, I wanted to give something a bit different.


JR: You are not making so many movies now?

AT: No, it depends on my mood, but I'm a very focused person so when I get involved in a project I'm fully committed, and I can't go directly from one part to another.  I like to find a director who will enrich me; I like good parts, and good scripts.


JR: Was Coco Before Chanel a personal project for you?  Is it attractive, knowing that you're going to be involved in a film in which fashion plays such a large part?

AT: I discovered a lot of things about Chanel's life, so It was very interesting and it was the first time I played a factual character.  Personally, fashion is not what attracts me the most; I like the spirit of her creation and her personality more.


JR: Jean-Pierre Jeunet directed you in the Chanel commercial which is in itself like a movie.  Will you make more films with him?

AT: I hope so!  But he said that we would do a triptych and we did: Amélie, A Very Long Engagement, and the Chanel film, so I don't know.


JR: Do you think that fashion has a big influence on film, or film has a big influence on fashion?

AT: For me, fashion does indeed participate in history because it marks a period, a time, a generation.  I think the clothes, the costumes should be right for the characters, but I don't think a movie could influence fashion and vice-versa.


JR: Let me ask you about Amélie, because before you were relatively unknown and suddenly boom!  A star!  It must have been quite a strange experience. How did you deal with that?

AT: It was like a storm. You don't change, but everybody else around you does, they don't look at you with the same eyes, they don't behave in the same way, it's very weird.


JR: What are you doing next?

AT: I am shooting a movie directed by Claude Miller, adapted from the novel by François Mauriac Therese Desqueyroux, which takes place at the beginning of the 20th century.  The script is really wonderful; it is a very interesting and dark part.


JR: And then you are working with Michel Gondry?  How did he persuade you to take the part?  Is it true that he sent you a film?  That's very flattering.

AT: Well, that's enormous, that was so enormous that when I received the movie, I didn't understand.  It seemed so impossible to me that he would ask me to work with him, it was too bizarre...


JR: You've made movies in English and one in particular made over here, Dirty Pretty Things, a fantastic film, and not a typical British movie.  Do you like making films in English?

AT: I really enjoyed my experience and I hope I will have another one, one day, but I must admit I feel I don't have the same freedom.  It's a bit frustrating for me.  It requires more preparation and I am usually an instinctive actress, so it is a different way of working!



Beautiful Lies is released on DVD on November 7th.

"My character can be unbearable and charming, tough and fair. I like the contrasts."
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